Tips & Tricks for Skyfire
Loading Videos
  • Go to a page with a video
  • Skyfire will analyze the page on the server (Skyfire doesn't analyze secure pages)
  • If the video is available, a pop-up notification will display a thumbnail with a play button
  • Click the thumbnail to play the video
Loading Videos on Pages with Many Video Thumbnails
  • On pages with many video thumbnails, you likely won't see a video pop-up until you choose an individual video
  • It's better to touch the link rather than the thumbnail to load an individual video page
Videos and Poor Connections
  • Skyfire adapts the video stream to your conditions, including network connection quality and bandwidth
  • You get the best possible video experience given your current bandwidth situation
"Load Pages as..."
  • Enables either the Desktop or iPhone version of the website to load
  • Toggle between the settings to view websites however you see fit
When to Load Pages as Desktop...
  • For more videos and content
When to Load Pages as Mobile...
  • For faster page loading
  • For webpage email access
Private Browsing
  • Private browsing is active on a per tab basis
  • Once a tab is set to "Private Browsing" mode, no history or cookies will be retained for this tab once the tab is closed
Getting pages from Safari opened in Skyfire
  • In Safari, click and hold in the URL box and "copy all"
  • In Skyfire, click and hold in the URL box and "paste"